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  3. July 18th, At the same time as 9 activist were being arrested blockading the water trucks from leaving to shut off the water of Detroit residents - this was happening downtown Detroit

  4. Friday July 18th. Starting around 6:30am protestors blockaded the entrance to the Homrich facility where water service trucks are stored.  Homrich was recently hired by Detroit Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr to assist in the massive water shut offs to the residents of Detroit. 9 activists were arrested in the early afternoon after 6 hours of stopping the trucks from leaving the lot.  This is the second group arrest made in the last 10 days.  A total of 19 people have been arrested protesting the water shut offs at this facility.  

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    Protesting emergency management in front of the Federal Court as today begins the trial to determine if the largest public bankruptcy in the history of the United States can go forward. The case is going to be fascinating, because it will be tough to defend the idea that Snyder didn’t mean to go into bankruptcy before he went into negotiations with the city workers and creditors. In this case you see a strange situation where both the creditors and unions are fighting to keep bankruptcy from happening. Fighting for scraps. #detroit #puremichigan #wewantdemocracy #decolonizedetroit

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